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Ever since Soonta brought the revelation of our delicious, good value and healthy fusion food to the unsuspecting (but delighted) diners of Adelaide, the business has been growing so quickly we’ve barely been able to keep up the supply of crispy pork.

It’s been hard work, but we’ve smiled the whole way through because we’re delighted that we can make our customers happy.

As we continue to grow, we want to make sure we bring the smiles with us. That’s why our philosophy of Eat, Love, Food, Fun is guiding our development. This way, we can be sure that eating tasty and healthy food, loving our community and each other and having fun remain at the centre of everything we do – including our franchises.

As part of a bigger company that will always stay true to its roots, you and your store will be supported and embraced as one of our own. You won’t be made to compete with other Soonta franchises in the same area, or laboured with high overheads and inflexible conditions.

The shops are easy to run – you just need some common sense and a genuine desire to make everybody’s day a little bit better. If you want to help us bring Soonta and smiles to more people, fill up the form on the right and get in touch with us for more details.